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Find Price : The price comparator of all your second hand items

Find-Price Services

Find-Price offers a simple way to track items average price and to view pricing trends


Search for a specific item to find its average price. (Use advanced side-bar options if necessary).

Server ask eBay results

Find-Price server ask eBay for all conresponding results.

Find results

Find-Price calculate the average prices (min / middle / max) and show results as trend.


For example if you search for an old school video game like Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS1 in solded items only, you will see and its average price and its price evolution over the past three months.

Estimate your collection

By registring on Find-Price, you can add items to your collection. Find-Price calculate the total prices (min/middle/max) of your collection.

Login / Register

Login or register to access your private collection / follow list.

Search items to add

Search item, refine the search until average prices look good, then save item to your collection / follow list. The final prices will be saved

Consult and Modify your collection / follow lists

Watch your Collection prices or your Follow list prices. Add several number of items, edit/refresh items prices or delete items.

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